Agaplast Sp. z o.o. has many years of experience in the processing of plastics. We produce PVC granules and mixtures from the best raw materials, using modern technology. We use the best raw materials, the latest production technology, and each stage of production must meet the stringent requirements of our quality system. The granulates and mixes we produce are an excellent material used for the production of various elements for the construction industry and the electrical installation, gardening and automotive industries. Our offer also includes granules intended for the food industry.

Soft granules

Intended for production by means of extrusion, coating, injection and pressing.

Hard granules

Intended for processing by means of extrusion, injection and pressing.

Cable polyvinyl chloride

Intended for the production of insulation, covers and fillings of cables and wires.

PVC granules for the food industry

Intended for the production of products for contact with food.

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