Tapes for tennis courts

The offered set is a complete package for lining a tennis court, which includes the following elements.

item no.namequantityunit
1centerline tape13m
2service line marking tape17m
3endline tape22m
4sideline tape24m
5sideline tape24m
6sideline tape24m
7sideline tape4m
8L-type hooks18m
9ground pegs18m


  • profile made of unplasticized PVC
  • the lines are used to mark the playing field for tennis.

Packing: set in a box 60cm x 60cm x 30cm.

product code product packaging warranty EAN code
1402000000 taśma do kortów tenisowych komplet kpl. 2 5903268090071
1402010000 taśma do kortów tenisowych mb mb 2 5903268090088
1402020000 śledzie montażowe do tasmy szt. 2 5903268090095
1402030000 kołki gruntowe szt. 2 5903268090101

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