Technical hoses

Technical hoses available in our offer are made of the best quality raw materials. Depending on the intended use, they have been checked in terms of quality and durability standards resulting from the area of application. Among the range of products you will find hoses: general purpose, for plant protection chemicals, for gasoline and oil, for compressors and compressors, as well as plastic, spiral and propane-butane hoses.

General purpose braided

Application: transmission of water, compressed air, light chemicals.

Plastic hoses without braid

Application: transmission of water, other fluids and low pressure air working ideal as covers for metal elements the hoses are approved for contact with liquid food.

For plant protection products

Application: for transmission of plant protection chemicals and liquid mineral fertilizers.

For gasoline and oil

Application: for transmission of fuels, petroleum products and mineral oils.

Propane-butane gas hose

It is used to connect liquefied gas (propane-butane) in gas cookers, lamps, refrigerators powered by LPG.

Hoses for compressors

Cable for compressors, hand and foot pumps.

Spiral hoses

Application: transmission of water, other liquids air flow with low operating pressure covers.

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